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Work Permit/ Green Card / Marriage

Bothell, WA |

I just sent the documents for the Immigration regarding to the Green Card ( Marriage ) interview and am waiting for the Immigration to send me the Receipt they have received it. How long does it take for them to send me the receipt? Also, Is there any chance they send me the Work Permit before the 90 days or I have to wait for the whole 3 months for sure? Thanks for the answer!

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  1. It takes a couple weeks to get the receipt notice. It is possible you may get the employment authorization before the 90 days, but probably only a few days before. In the Seattle area you will get the interview as fast.

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  2. The Notice of Receipt usually take a week to 10 days. There is a chance that you will received a work permit in less than 90 days. I have had some received in 60 days but they are the lucky ones. Figure on 90 days. Good Luck

  3. You should be m,ailed a receipt of filing within 2-4 weeks and the EAD may bee issued within 60 -90 days from filing.

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