Work Authorization between L2 and L2 EAD.

I'm currently employed on H1, will be transferring my visa to L2. I'll be applying I-539 and I-765 at the same time. But still, there is a possibility that my visa change can happen first and then I might get my EAD card. I'm very concerned about the time gap after transfer to L2 and getting L2 EAD. 1) Am i authorized to work after I get L2 but waiting for L2-EAD by providing some cap-gap etc? 2) If not, Is it atleast legal to remain on the payroll of the company on L2 but without EAD?

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J Charles Ferrari

J Charles Ferrari

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

1. No
2. You cannot work.

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Stephen D. Berman

Stephen D. Berman

Immigration Attorney - Chicago, IL

You should wait for the EAD to work. Not sure what it means to be on payroll if you are not working.

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Miroslava Orduno Rincon

Miroslava Orduno Rincon

Immigration Attorney - Detroit, MI

I agree with my colleagues.

You will not be considered to be in L-2 status until the I-539 is approved.

Merely having L-2 status does not authorize you to work. You must have an EAD approval on hand in order to work and the EAD can only be approved once you are in L-2 status.

This information is provided as a courtesy based upon the limited information provided in your post and does not... more

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