Wondering about the case management conference.

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I filed for divorce in Decemeber and my case management conference is coming up. I have been told that the lawyers just talk about what's been happening and they get a schedule of various things. I am wondering if there are any chances that something bad or unexpected could happen, like my husband's lawyer saying we need some kind of motion or change, or handing in any material? I am not worried because I have been told it's a simple thing, but is there anything I should be concerned about or anything I should prepare myself?

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I am also sort of asking because my conf is next week and I am planning to switch attorneys after the conference, and wondering if it makes sense to do it beforehand, or just stick with my present one and switch afterward. If the conference isn't a major deal, I will just switch after.

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    Answered . The first Case Managment Conference is generally not a "big deal." The purpose of the Conference is generally to set a schedule for discovery, i.e. when cetain act are to be completed by, i.e. Case Information Statements shall be filed by "x"; Interrogatories should be served by "x"; Interrogatories shall be answered by "x"; certain appraisals shall be completed by "x"; etc...

    The attorney who is going to see the litigation through should, in a perfect world, participate in the Case Management Conference as that attorney is going to be bound by what occurs during that Conference.

    Kenneth A. White, Esq.

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    Answered . It never makes sense to stay with an attorney with whom you are displeased. The case management conference/order can be a very important "roadmap" for your case, so you need to consider that as you make your decision about counsel.

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  3. Answered . One of the main purposes of the Case Management conference is to set deadlines on each party to disclose discovery to the other.

  4. Answered . Case Management Conferences are supposed to be procedural in nature-- that is, the focus is supposed to be on fixing deadlines for discovery and evaluations. Of course, there is always the possiblity that counsel can seek to have a substantive issue raised (often under the guise of the request "moving the case along), and it is your attorney's job to make sure that the other attorney be required to raise the issue by way of a formal application so that you are afforded the opportunity to respond.

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