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With home owners insurance, do a certain number of people need to be listed under the insurance who can live there?

Rochester, MI |

for example: only one person is listed as listed as living here

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I am not sure what you are getting at here. If these others are renters maybe. Talk to the Insurance agent.


Generally, homeowners insurance does not ask or care about who is living there...


Homeowners insurance has several components. It will pay for damage to the home and contents owned by the listed homeowner. The is means that it will not cover property owned by someone who is not listed as the homeowner. Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage for the listed homeowner. If you are not listed as the homeowner, you won't have the liability insurance coverage. If some of the occupants of the house are renters, this fact should be disclosed to the insurance company and the renters need to purchase there own renters insurance.

You haven't identified the other parties involved in this question so I cannot determine whether I may have a conflict in this matter. Should it turn out that I have an attorney-client relationship with any of the other parties, my response to this question will not prevent me from continuing to represent an existing client.


Given the limitations of the question, the response would be "No!" This might be altered if there is a rental circumstance.

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