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With 24-hour written notice to inspect my property (as per now expired one year lease agreement), tenant refusing entry, refuse

Joliet, IL |

cert. mail 5day notice, refuse to pay rent for april and may (so far), and the property management company who put these folks in my house repeatedly violated the terms of our contract in that they did no background check (which i was chrgd $300 for and will county circuit clerk search revealed prior eviction, domestic battery, and armed robbery cases against these tenants), collect & dispurse rent per that contract, and failed to execute a prior eviction for nonpayment against these tenants as requested (tho charged me $700 for this eviction they failed to see through), and upon written request refused to forward signed any records to me re this tenant. not sure what to do, but i wish for them all to be held accountable for their violations against me and my property. help appreciated.

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    I agree with attorney Goldstein; you have several issues that really can only get worse until you have competent legal help. Fire the management company ASAP if you have not already and then hire an attorney to get the tenants out and look into recovering losses incurred due to negligent management and the alleged fraudulent charges. An in-depth look at your situation is needed before any further advice can be given, but waiting to act is only prolonging your strife.

  2. 5 day notices are not properly served by certified mail. Go speak to an ttonrey who handles evictions and get these tenants out legally.

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