Wisconsin Uniform Municipal Court Citation and Complaint

Asked almost 2 years ago - Madison, WI

I am 19 and was recently issued this citation with a fine of $429.00 for retail theft. The court date is not mandatory. Does this mean that it will not show up on my record? Or should I hire an attorney to have it expunged right away? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Answered . This will show up on your record although this is not a criminal conviction. But this offense is
    a conviction of a civil regulatory offense. You should hire a lawyer to ensure you can get this matter expunged

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    Answered . Depends on what you mean by record. If this case is on CCAP (the public access system), expunction will generally remove it. A motion to remove the case from CCAP accomplishes the same goal. Expunction will not, however, remove the arrest record or federal records. So even with expunction, the case may show up on certain background checks.

    Removing one's fingerprints from the system is a separate process from expunction, and may only be achieved in certain circumstances: http://www.doj.state.wi.us/sites/default/files/....

    Good luck!

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