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Will we receive SNAP (food stamps) benefits on appeal? We were denied because we exceeded the monthly income limit of $1,591

Houston, TX |
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On July 2nd 2013, I applied for SNAP benefits in Houston Texas. I was in receipt of a denial notice on July 12th. I receive SSA disability benefits each month of $2,000 and $1,1001 child benefits for my twelve year old son. I also receive a federal pension from my old job through Office of Personnel Management (OPM) of $900 per month. My husband hasn't worked since 2009 because he takes care of me. I have a mental illness, chronic bronchitis and a reconstructed right knee. I have been disabled since 2008. Our monthly expenses exceed our income. Mortgage $930.05 I have been hospitalized twice this year and I now pay for nine different medications. I have Medicare and we have Aetna (family coverage). We submitted Form H1836-A and B but my psychiatrist did not fill it out correctly.

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If income is your issue, has your husband applied for SSI or SSDI benefits as well? He may be entitled as well. I would follow through on your appeal of snap benefits. Pursuing benefits for you husband would certainly obtain you more income. Call us to discuss.

Paula Brown Sinclair

Paula Brown Sinclair


I think, Mr. Pagniello, you will want to review the TOS and incorporated Community Guidelines on client solicitation, which is forbidden on the Q&A.

Paula Brown Sinclair

Paula Brown Sinclair


If the income limit is $$1,591 per month, and your income is $3,100 per month, what is there to appeal? The purpose of an appeal is to correct error. If the proper law was applied and your income was correctly understood, there is nothing in the denial decision to correct. It is certainly a challenge to live on $3,100 per month, but your mortgage payment is within reasonable range and Medicare coverage helps, so a good strategy may be to contact a local non-profit consumer debt management agency and see about tightening up family expenditures. Best wishes for an outcome you can accept, and please remember to designate a best answer.


Please see my second comment below.

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You can check with the legal aid office in your city or the troubleshooter in your Congressman's office. You indicated you have $4100 in income per month and this is disqualifying the three of you for Food Stamps.

This response is meant to be information only and should not be considered to be legal advice. This information is not meant and should not be construed to be the formation of an attorney client relationship. I practice Virginia Workers compensation law and Social Security Disability law.

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