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Will they arrest me if I go to small claims court with warrants out for my arrest?

Seattle, WA |

So I have couple warrants out right now for traffic violations in Seattle and getting new court dates for them. Police officer told me that I can be arrested anytime. I have to go to small claims court for business distribute and I was wondering will they arrest me if I go to the court? I'm trying to sort things out but very limited on funds at the moment. Thank you for your time and answer.

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The answer is they could. They may or may not choose to do so. You run a risk. If you go to the court(s) and make arraingements to schedule a hearing to quash the warrants - that would diminish the risk of arrest - some. But, not entirely.

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Kenneth W Blanford

Kenneth W Blanford


I agree.


Very doubtful, but the smart move is to call first and ask the clerk. Explain that you want to come in to handle your situation, but you have a job that you will lose of you are arrested. They will most likely allow an exception to your being arrested - at least once. If you try this more than once, you will likely not get the same result. Good luck!

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Usually, a small claims court is not going to be checking you for warrants. If the small claim is in the same court as the warrant, it is more likely to be on the court's radar. However, the risk is small that the court would even know about the warrant. Some courts will allow you to schedule a hearing to quash the warrants, so you might want to pursue that avenue prior to going to court. I would not ask the court about warrants on the day of your small claim hearing, do it before you go to court. Or talk to an attorney who might be able to call the court and find out more specific information regarding your warrant.

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