Will the Judge sentence you at an arraignment if you plead no contest in traffic court.

Asked about 4 years ago - Tampa, FL

I was thinking about pleading no contest for a Driving with license suspended with knowledge. I was hoping it I save the court time and then he will give me a break. Does the judge post a sentence at traffic court during an arraignment.

Additional information

The driver license was suspended for a judgement. I did get my license back in two days. I was thinking about talking to the prosecuter before the court day to work out a deal. I never been convicted for this before.

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  1. Timothy England Moffitt


    Contributor Level 15

    Answered . If you plea at arraignment, which I don't advise without a pre-arranged agreement with the prosecutor, then yes, the Judge will most likely sentence you right there. Saving the court time isn't something they're concerned with, rather, they're concerned with why your D/L was suspended and how they can pusnish you. Remember, DWLSR is enhanceable, which means eventually it becomes a felony if you're charged again in the future. You should hire lawyer, enter a plea of Not Guilty at arraignment, get your D/L back if you can, and work out a deal through your lawyer. If may seem like it's just a ticket, but it's not. It's a misdemeanor criminal traffic infraction for which you can go to jail and a conviction will stay on your record.

  2. Craig A. Epifanio

    Contributor Level 18

    Answered . The simple answer is yes, if you plead at arraignment, you will be sentenced then and there. However, things aren't always simple. The court doesn't care about saving court time by you pleading. As Mr. Moffitt said, the court's biggest concern is the status of your license. If you walk into court without an attorney, you are looking at a probable criminal conviction, possible probation, definite fine, and a charge that, depending on your record, could cause you to be habitualized and lose your license for 5 years. You need to talk to an attorney before you do anything. I practice in Tampa if you wish to give me a call about your case. My numbers and more information about these types of charges are on my website link below.

  3. Christopher Hayden Brown


    Contributor Level 12

    Answered . Those guys are right. Even if you cannot afford a lawyer, you should not plead at arraignment. Ask for the Public Defender, if you qualify and get the case postponed so you can review your options with an attorney, who will negotiate with the prosecutor. DWLSRs have a way of snowballing as the other posters have referenced. Very few Floridians know that prior NON-CRIMINAL driving on suspended charges can be used along with a criminal charge to revoke your d/l for 5 years. Maybe you should give Mr. Epifanio a call. You are right in his backyard.

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