Will the Dream Act allow an illegal minor to travel Domestically?

My 15 year-old niece is here illegally & she's a bright student and has been here for 6 years. With this Dream Act will she be a able to travel domestically, I'm leaving this July to visit my mom, she's having surgery in California will my niece be able to travel with me? If yes, what will she need?

Houston, TX -

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Isaul Verdin

Isaul Verdin

Immigration Attorney - Dallas, TX

She can travel. Best of luck.

Verdin Law Firm, LLC
Dallas, TX

Deborah Lynne Karapetian

Deborah Lynne Karapetian

Immigration Attorney - Glendale, CA

Yes she will e able to travel. As for documents there will be many but USCIS will give instructions soon.

J Charles Ferrari

J Charles Ferrari

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

1. Obama's action is a policy and not a law.

2. USCIS has yet to announce how the application process will be carried on.

3. I will be updating http://engnishimura.com/faqs/deferred-action-yo... as details become available.

4. Obama's policy does not provide immigration status. It only prevents qualifying individuals from being deported and may provide them with a work permit.

J Charles Ferrari Eng & Nishimura 213.622.2255 The statement above is general in nature and does not... more

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