Will the court be willing to appoint a court receiver after a company has gone through liquidation to secure abandoned assets???

I am currently a creditor in a business bankruptcy...and there maybe debtor's inventory that may be of more value to me than the bankruptcy trustee. So my question is.....

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Brian Crozier Whitaker

Brian Crozier Whitaker

Bankruptcy Attorney - San Diego, CA

Was the debtor a corporation? Is the case closed?
If the Trustee has already abandoned the asset ... you should have received a Notice of his intent to do so and you had an opportunity to object. If the case is still open (and, as you have implied, there are assets to be liquidated) you have the right to contact the Trustee and offer him what the inventory is worth to you. If the debtor is a corporation, the debt to you has not been (will not be) discharged and you retain whatever civil remedies you have to retrieve the inventory from the corporation.

Manuel Alzamora Juarez

Manuel Alzamora Juarez

Bankruptcy Attorney - Berkeley, CA

I agree with Mr. Whitaker. Contact the Trustee ASAP. You may be able to recover your inventory at a bargain price. Best of luck.

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Alan D. Walton

Alan D. Walton

Bankruptcy Attorney - Birch Run, MI

File a proof of claim if you received a notice of assets, and contact the trustee to bid on the items that have value to you.

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