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Will the cops come to my house looking for me if i have a bench warrant?

Colorado Springs, CO |

I was scared to show up in court for false reporting and i dont know if im going to have a warrant..

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The court may well have issued a warrant for you. If so, the police could come to your house looking for you. The longer you wait, the worse this will get. You need to arrange to turn yourself in soon. It's best if you consult with legal counsel on how to turn yourself in so that you might be able to avoid having to spend time in jail.

Legal disclaimer: We at the Joffe Law FIrm wish to help you. While the above answer is intended to provide general information only, does constitute legal advice, and does not create an attorney client relationship, we strongly suggest that you seek legal counsel.

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If you did not go to your court hearing, it is very likely that the judge issued a bench warrant for you. If a warrant was issued, the police can come to your house to arrest you. Also keep in mind if you are picked up for any reason (including a traffic violation) the warrant will show up and you will be arrested. You may want the help of a criminal law attorney to take care of this warrant issue. You will also have to deal with your criminal charge once the warrant is quashed. Good luck!

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Consult with a criminal defense attorney right away regarding the best way to turn yourself in.

When you fail to appear for a court appearance you risk having an FTA on your record. The judge will issuing a bench warrant for your arrest. Whether or not the police come to your house depends on several factors, not the least of which is the nature of the charges against you. Even with less serious misdemeanor crimes, by ignoring the failure to appear, you're putting yourself at risk for being taken into custody and charged with other violations. The DMV can put an OJW outstanding judgment warrant hold on your driver's license based on your failure to appear.

Colorado law requires the court to notify the Motor Vehicle Division of the Department of Revenue (DMV) when a bench warrant is issued for one's failure to appear. The law imposes a $30.00 fee in addition to any other warrant fees and costs that might apply. If you're out driving and get stopped for a minor violation the police are supposed to check for any outstanding warrants; when they find the bench warrant they can take you into custody on the spot.

If you're on bond, you're in violation of bond when you don't show up for a court appearance. Your bail money that you used for collateral on the bond can be forfeited.

It weighs in your favor if you take immediate action to address this situation. It's not a good idea to try to hide from it, or wait any longer to deal with it.

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