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Will short term disability cancel if my employer lets me go?

Lancaster, PA |

I had cancer. Upon medical clearance, I was returned to work and I asked for an accommodation for 7 weeks. I was denied I was out for over a year and then finally I was allowed to return. Upon returning, I was not put back in my job, I was put in a job that is two hours away from my home three days a week, and closer the other two days. I am in horrible working conditions and due to this , I am getting sick again, and cannot take anymore. I have 4 months to go before I qualify again for FMLA, but, I would have short term. If I have a qualifying condition, can the short term cancel if they let me go ?

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  1. The policy, if it was a benefit from your employer, is a contract you probably never read. The terms of the contract should provide the circumstances and situations where you qualify for benefits. If you never received a cancellation notice, you probably have coverage. You can clear this up with the insurance company or you can just apply for benefits and wait to see what will happen. You apparently still have your job. If you are disabled, you can submit an application for the STD. Don't worry about cancellation from making a claim. If you don't receive your benefits then you can consult with an insurance lawyer. Just make sure you submit an application according to whatever form you are given and than wait for the insurance company to make the next move.

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