Will pleading no contest to a speeding ticket lower the fine or reduce the amount of points on my license ?

Asked 5 months ago - Madison, WI

I'm 25 year old male with a great driving record. I recently got a speeding ticket for going 14mph over the limit . My fine is for $175.30 and estimated points is 4 . If I show up for court and enter a no contest plea will it benefit me in any way ? More specifically by reducing my fine or lowering my points ?

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  1. Jay K. Nixon

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    Answered . No, pleading no contest will get you exactly the same points and fine as the original ticket. While most of my traffic clients eventually plead no contest, they only do so after I have negotiated a better deal for them which will minimize auto insurance increased and point impacts upon their license. Actually, I plead no contest for them in the absence via an authorization to appear, so that they can also avoid wasting many frustrating hours in court, and save the vacation days which they would otherwise need to use for the court appearances. Attorney fees are usually minimal for minor traffic charges.

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  2. Michael C. Witt


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    Answered . Showing up may benefit you, but pleading "no contest" definitely will not. A "no contest" plea tells the court you are not disputing the charge, and since points are set by statute according to the offense, not by the court, getting convicted as charged locks in the points. If you want the points reduced, the charge needs to be amended. To accomplish that, you'll need the prosecutor to agree. Procedure varies from court to court. Most will require a "not guilty" plea to the original charge before you get a chance to speak to the prosecutor, while some may play let's make a deal on the record. You'll need to show up on time, and listen to the Court's explanation of the procedure they will apply. If you don't want to spend the time involved to do this yourself, you can always hire a lawyer to do this for you. Whether or not that expense is worth it to you depends upon the value you place on your own time, as well as what you feel it is worth to optimize your chances for the best possible outcome. Good luck.

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