Will not having detainment records (from a status check) for a citizenship interview affect my chances of being approved?

On my N-400 application (for citizenship, based on marriage to a U.S. citizen), there is a question about "Have you ever been detained?" I put yes, though it was not an arrest, simply a stop at a border patrol checkpoint to verify my status because I left my green card at home. This actually happened twice over the course of a few days. As soon as I could, I obtained my green card via FedEx. As for my citizenship application and interview, I received a notice that I needed to bring the records of detainment with me. I have requested it, but it could be ages before I get anything, and my interview is next week on April 8th. Do you think that this will affect my chances of being recommended for approval for citizenship?

San Antonio, TX -

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Alejandro E. Garcia

Alejandro E. Garcia

Immigration Attorney - San Antonio, TX

You will be fine without obtaining the record. Just be honest and tell the naturalization uscis officer about the incidents. Chances are that the records of the detentions will be in the uscis file that the officer will have at the time of your interview.

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