Will my taxis mess-up for next year? Will i get in trouble with the IRS or the law?

Asked over 1 year ago - Boston, MA

I filed my taxes and then a week later my parents filed their taxis but put me as their dependent! they want my social security card because the company that they did their taxis with is holding their check until i give them my social card! if i give my card to my parents so that they can bring it to them so they can make a copy, will that effect my taxis for next year? or will that even get me in trouble with the law? i only done my taxis twice, so i am not sure about the laws that surround it! my parents filed me under their taxes without my knowledge, i found out when they came to me for my social a week after they did theirs!

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  1. Emma A. Kremer

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    Answered . You can file an amended tax return based on the information that you just found out and since your parents have a person who prepares their returns for them, maybe you could ask him or her to assist you with amending your tax return or advise you how to do it. The IRS website also has instructions on how to amend your tax returns. Best of luck.

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  2. M Kay Lewis

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    Answered . One thing we need to know is whether or not your parents qualify to claim you on their tax return as a dependent. That depends on your age and marital status. If they are qualified to claim you as their dependent, then you are not entitled to claim the same dependency deduction.
    If you are married and file a joint return with your spouse, then your parents are not entitled to claim you as a dependent on their return with only a small exception.

    Otherwise, if you are supported by them and share the same home, then your age is an issue:
    If you are under the age of 19 and unmarried, they can claim you.
    If you are under the age of 24, and a full time student and unmarried, they can claim you.
    If you are totally and permanently disabled at any time during the tax year, they can claim you regardless of your age.

    Keep in mind if you provide more than half of your support, then they can not claim a dependency deduction for you.

    I hope this helps.

    I am very concerned that a professional is withholding a check until you give them your social security card.

    You may want to go to the local IRS office, or call them directly and ask them to help determine based on your facts (age etc.) whether you or your parents should be claiming you as a dependent.

  3. Bruce Givner

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    Answered . The other lawyers gave you good advice about amending the return you have already filed. What you do this year will not impact your ability to file next year.

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