Will my son receive full survivors benefits?

Asked about 2 years ago - Columbus, GA

Now that my son is 16 & I won't be receiving benefits as his parent, will he receive the full amount or just the child's part that he's been receiving? He's doing better in school & I want to look into helping him buy a car so I'd like to know what we may be working with every month. Thank you

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    Answered . This is a Social Security question, not a probate question. I edited the practice area and tags on the post so you might be seen by attorneys who work in the appropriate areas. However, you could just call Social Security and talk to someone there. In general, they will be the ones best able to answer this type of question.

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  2. Rachel Lea Hunter

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    Answered . What exactly are you talking about? You need to re-post your question with facts.

    What kind of benefit was your son receiving and why? Why did it stop because your son is 16? What were the benefits from? Social Security from someone else? Or some kind of death benefit for the child's other parent who died? If Social Security, you need to contact your local Social Security office. If it is some other kind of benefit, you either need to contact the human resources/employee benefits department at the employer or whoever is administering the plan benefits, like an insurance company.

  3. Robert C. Alston

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    Answered . Your question indicates your son is getting survivor's benefits which would be the result of a death of a parent. These continue to age 18, or 19 in some cases. In any event the amount would not change. However, you then indicate that "he's doing better in school" which seems to indicate that he may have a disability. If he is getting money due to a disability, that is a completely different question.

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