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Will my Social Security benefits remain active for the US if I move to Canada?

North Little Rock, AR |

My daughter draws SSI and I receive SSDI. How will moving to Canada effect our benefits? Will they be cut or removed all together? Thanks!

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  1. Your move to Canada will have no impact. My advice is to insure that you inform SS about your new address and other contact information. Best of luck to you.

    This information is provided as a public service to provide a general answer and should not be relied upon as legal advice.

  2. They will remain the same as long as you are not moving to a prohibited country or surrendering your US citizenship. Canada is NOT a prohibited country.

  3. Your move to Canada should not affect your benefits. You should make sure the Social Security Administration is aware of your new address.

  4. SSDI benefits will not be affected if you move out of country, whether it is Canada or anywhere else.

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