Will my record be cleared when i reach the age of 18?

I am a high school student who was caught taking an orange juice from an unlocked vending machine during school hours. i would also like to add that this is my very 1st offense.

Knoxville, TN -

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Nathan Zale Dowlen

Nathan Zale Dowlen

Family Law Attorney - Goodlettsville, TN

Depending on how the judge decides to handle it, it may never make it on a record at all.

Please note that my answering this question, does not in any way mean I represent you for this, or any other case.... more
Ruchee Janardan Patel

Ruchee Janardan Patel

Criminal Defense Attorney - Memphis, TN

Your record does NOT automatically get cleared just because you turned 18.

Any criminal conviction will remain on your record forever.

You need to take this case seriously, get an attorney to negotiate this case to avoid a conviction.

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