Will my pretrial intervention show up as a felony or misdemeandor in a background check?

Asked almost 3 years ago - Newark, NJ

I need to have a background check done to get into nursing school. I do not want to waste my money and have it on file at a school if i can not get in due to the pti. The school states that they will not allow people with felony or misdemeanors (excuse my spelling) to register for classes. I got PTI assult charges. I finished PTI two years ago.
Thanks for any help you can give.

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  1. Mark M Cheser

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    Answered . I agree with Mr. Mark. You have not been convicted of anything. I can not say about an initial application to the nursing board but I do know that PTI will not cause your license to be pulled.
    A background check will show an arrest for assault and a PTI disposition. This can be expunged 6 month after the PTI was completed. As to whether they let you into the nursing school I do not know but I doubt a PTI will keep you out. The record can be expunged by the time you graduate. or you can wait a semester, expunge , then apply and it will not show anything. Nurses are in great demand right now. Give it a shot. Call for a consultation. Expungement in Essex takes about 10 weeks to get an order and figure 7 more weeks to have it off the computer.

  2. Eric M. Mark


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    Answered . PTI is not a conviction. It is neither a misdemeanor nor a felony. If you have not expunged the record of your arrest, that will show up on a background check, but only as an arrest. The best thing you can do is expunge the arrest and all records. The effect of an expungement is to make it as if the incident never happened. Your background check would be clear and you could answer that you have never been arrested. After the expungement there will be absolutely no doubt that you will be eligible for nursing school. Feel free to call me if you have additional questions about expungements or want help filing for the expungement.

  3. Thomas Carroll Blauvelt


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    Answered . PTI is a diversionary program for people to avoid a criminal record. Your completion of same means you have no felony or misdemeanor record in NJ. To be thorough, you should expunge your arrest record from this incident. You are eligible to file an expungement petition 6 months after the end of your PTI term.

  4. Joseph D Rotella

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    Answered . PTI is a program that if you complete the charges will be dismissed. However, you still have a record of an arrest with the charges listed. You can expunge your record but must wait 6 months from the time the charges are dismissed againest you.

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