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So I have had social anxiety since freshmen year and I am now a junior in high school. Due to my social anxiety I have missed a lot of school and now have to go to court. I've searched up on the web what could happen and it says my mom might have to go to jail. I have not been officially diagnosed with SAD but will be seen a specialist soon to get medicated. Will the doctor be able to dismiss the court order or what will happen now? Will my mom go to jail?

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    Take a breath, no one is going to jail. Write a letter to the judge explaining yourself IN DETAIL. Offer it tithe octet when your case is called (actually when your You are going to want to bring a copy of a letter signed by a psychologist, that you are seeing for therapy, telling the court when you will be able to start going to school; OR, explaining how you are starting a homeschool program RIGHT NOW. You cannot simply ignore this problem. You need help, and unfortunately, as a minor, that means talking to the schools.

  2. Your mom iscredpinsiblevfirvyoubattending school. If you have a medical reason to not attend then she us responsible for signing you up for an alternative program.
    Since things are being worked omit isn't likely to result in jail. Sounds like she could use some help identifying the alternatives.
    It is more likely that YOU would end up in custody rather than your mom That is one way to get you to school. Be sure to explore those alternatives.

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  3. Your parents are responsible for you attending school. Talk to a local criminal defense attorney.

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