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Will my mom get arrested for using the fake address? would my dad get arrested for having me at his house?

My mom and dad got a divorce recently.She put a fake address and did it in a county neither of them live in. My mom got custody and placed me with my grandparents because she is unfit to take care of a child, and my dad didnt show at court. CPS and an attorney recently said my grandparents are unfit to take care of me too, and told my dad to take me home with him even though he has no custody. Im 14 years old and i want to live with my dad, and my mom is on drugs. Would my dad get arrested for having me at his house without custody? Would my mom get arrested if she tried to take me because shes a danger to me? would my dad be able to enroll me in school until the court gets a custody reversal? my mom lives in Hawaii while i live in texas.

Hawkins, TX -

Attorney Answers (4)

Mark Allen Land

Mark Allen Land

Family Law Attorney - Austin, TX

I am very sorry to hear of all these troubles. I know it has been rough.

If your dad has you because CPS asked him to get you, don't worry about it. Encourage your dad to get a lawyer and make sure everything is being handled properly.

I hope things are starting to get better. Good luck.

Maria Sara Lowry

Maria Sara Lowry

Child Custody Lawyer - Houston, TX

Your dad should hire an attorney to make sure everything is squared away. If CPS told him to take you, he won't get in trouble.

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Allison Travers Hamilton

Allison Travers Hamilton

Child Custody Lawyer - Katy, TX

I am so glad you are with your dad now. Since CPS placed you with your dad, he will NOT get in trouble.
Your dad needs to go meet with an attorney soon. There are things the courts in Texas can do to protect you.
I hope this has helped you.
Please know that all of the attorneys who answer your question today really do care about what happens to you and your dad.
Good luck!

Dorothea Elaine Laster

Dorothea Elaine Laster

Family Law Attorney - Lake Dallas, TX

If CPS said that you should live with your Dad, he has all the authority he needs. Talk to the adults in your life and let them handle the heavy stuff if you can.

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