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Will my mark be denied if I try to register with USPTO?

Hollywood, FL |

Hypothetically speaking… I’m interesting registering the mark “Mazi”, but based on a basic USPTO search I discovered a similar mark that’s already registered called “Maziapps”. Is my registration likely to be denied using the likelihood of confusion standard because “Maziapps” is a website that gives users the ability to publish mobile apps, and my mark, “Mazi”, is a mobile app?

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  1. Marks are potentially in conflict if they are similar in sight, sound, and meaning, and used with the same or similar goods or services. Remember, when choosing a mark, you want it to be distinctive -- that is, the mark should distinguish your goods/services from others -- so it's best to select a mark that is as unique and as different from others as possible. The budget for building your mobile app should include the cost of getting advice from an attorney about trademarks -- and patents.

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  2. Q: "Will my mark be denied if I try to register with USPTO?"
    R: Probably. But the federal registrability of the mark is not your greatest concern. Your greatest concern is being sued by the "Maziapps" owner for trademark infringement if you adopt "Mazi" as a mark.

    You've already disclosed too much specific information about your business plans in a public forum. Stop. The "Maziapps" trademark owner and its counsel will likely read your Avvo question and its responses. Speak with your own Florica-licensed intellectual property attorney about how to go about (1) protecting the code for the application that you've created under copyright and trade secret law, (2) forming a business to commercialize the application, (3) branding your company and application and (4) lots of other issues. Good luck.

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  4. You already know the answer because you know that the standard is likelihood of confusion. Your application will almost certainly be rejected in circumstances such as this, since there is clearly a likelihood of confusion.

    Furthermore, with respect, you are approaching this process backwards. Your question implies that you already selected a trademark before involving trademark/IP counsel. That is not a smart approach. You need to retain legal counsel to advise you in advance of choice of trademarks---branding is critical for your business, and one of the main jobs of IP/trademark lawyers is to guide their clients throughout the branding process---you need to bring legal counsel into the beginning of the branding process---not at the end when it is too late for the lawyer to save you money. In a situation like this, you make a major mistake if you attempt to use a web-site like this as a substitute for legal counsel. There is no more important budgetary priority for any business than to have adequate funds to lay the proper branding/intellectual property legal foundation.

  5. Are you kidding? You want to use MAZI for apps and wonder if you can register it at the USPTO which has already issued a registration for MAZIAPPS for app pushing services. Getting your application denied would likely be the minor part of your problem. You do that and, unless you were extremely lucky, you should and likely would get a CDL in short order and a lawsuit soon after if you persisted in that foolish trademark infringement/servicemark infringement. Are you feel'n lucky today?

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