Will my insurance increase from a speeding ticket from Georgia? Does Georgia allow for PJCs?

Asked over 1 year ago - Savannah, GA

I am from NC and received a speeding ticket on my way to Florida. I believe the speed was 86 in a 70 as I dont have the ticket with me atm. 1- Does Georgia have a "PJC" as we do in NC? 2- I received a PJC within the last year from NC, will this impact my ability to get on in Georgia? 3- Will my insurance company be able to charge me (since Georgia is not a DLC member (how will they find out?)) 4- I need a good attorney to handle this for me as it will be too costly to travel back to court for this ticket, what should I expect to pay or is an average? 5- What, if any, benenfit can I expect from hiring an attorney from Georgia to handle it (reduction in speed, kicked out, etc?

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    Answered . I do not practice in NC, and your best advice would come from an attorney who practices there. That being said, my experience has led me to believe that a speeding ticket in any state with a speed of 15 or more mph will cause NC to suspend the DL. That info may likely be available on NC's DMV site. Your current driving record will be a key to how this particular ticket might be handled. A good guy to speak to in Savannah would be Doug Andrews, who is not hard to find. Tell him I said Hi!

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    Answered . NC is a tough state on out of state citations, may result in license suspensions, check with a NC traffic Lawyer. Usually I would get that speed reduced so that it is not reported to DDS nor NC. A lawyer can do a Plea In Absentia for you.

    You should consult an Attorney that handles Traffic cases in the jurisdiction you received the citation to... more
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    Answered . Yes, this will go on your driving history in NC. Even though Georgia's not a compact state we do share information with NC. Also, the speed you were going will most likely cause our NC license to be suspended for at least 30 days. While I am not a NC attorney I have handled enough tickets for people licensed in NC to know that NC is brutal when it comes to reporting violations, and suspending a drivers license. Your best bet is to hire an attorney to get the speed reduced below 14 mph which I believe is the hers hold NC uses for suspending a driver's license. Ideally, the charge could get reduced to a local ordinance violation which would not get reported to NC at all. Some courts do have diversion programs depending o which court your case is in. In that case a lawyer could enter the plea for you, pay the fine, etc., and get the ticket dismissed itch out you having to return to Georgia.

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