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Will my income effect my boyfriend's Disability benefits?

Jacksonville, FL |

I live with my boyfriend. I do not pay rent. He owns the home and land we live on. He pays all the utilities. His case is under review (I believe it is a standard periodic review, though I could be wrong). We each pay for our own food and incidentals, so my income is not commingled with his and we do not jointly own anything. Could my income and the fact that we live together effect his benefits and this review?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. As long as you are not married, or holding yourselves out as married (which can be things like using his last name, having joint accounts, etc.), then your income should not be considered for Social Security benefits such as SSI.

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  2. His living arrangements will be considered but since you have kept everything separate it should be ok.

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  3. Your income should not affect his disability. Unless he is being reviewed for SSI (which is income based and house hold income matters), but then the fact that he owns a home and land would affect whether he qualifies. Your income would count as house hold income if he is getting SSI. As long as he is receiving SSDI, then it shouldn't matter.