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Will my dui show on a criminal background search?

Columbus, OH |

I was not arrested and booked for my dui. i was just handed a pink paper like a traffic ticket to appear in court.

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Agree with attorney Atwater. Arrests (includes your DUI citation where you were released under the discretion of the officer) show up on your record and include information detailing: your charge; the date of your arrest; the jurisdiction where you were arrested, and; before the case is closed, the term “no disposition” (meaning you have an open case) normally appears.

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Yes. The traffic stop constitutes an arrest. Your record will show that you have an undisposed DUI arrest.

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First of all, have you been convicted of the DUI/OVI? If not, you need to contact one of the outstanding OVI lawyers in the area where your case is pending. If you are in the Columbus area as your question suggests, I would recommend you call Jon Saia, Tim Huey, Shawn Dominy, Dennis Evans or Cleve Johnson. If you haven't been convicted yet, it may or may not show up.

If you have been convicted, then yes, your conviction will show up on a criminal background check.

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When properly done, an individual must be arrested before being served with a citation for OVI in Ohio. The Officer should have advised that you were under arrest as required and stated on the back of the BMV Form 2255 (you should have been given a goldenrod color copy of the form). It is not necessary that you be "booked" for an OVI arrest in Ohio. The officer can simply issue a summons (on the bottom of the traffic citation) for you to appear in court and release you. If you were cited for OVI, that information will show up in court records, BMV records and somethimes the local newspaper.

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