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Will my children be taken from me for getting self help from a drug rehab? I want to be the best mother for them.. WHAT TO DO???

Lititz, PA |

2 years ago I went to drug rehab after my (back then) 5 month old son was taken by C&Y. I have since proven myself and been nothing but compliant with C&Y and got physical custody of him back in July. Also, had another baby who is now 8 months and was never in C&Y's custody. I am so afraid and have recently relapsed because of this horrible disease and current stress I am undergoing being a single parent. I am supposed to fully regain LEGAL custody and January and now feel like I completely screwed everything up. I dont want my children taken from me.....???? PLEASE HELP!?!

Attorney Answers 2

  1. It sounds like you need to get clean all over again. Unfortunately, you will judged on your past behavior. You need to work with CNY and avoid drugs, stay clean and attend all required classes.

    Responses on AVVO do not create an attorney-client relationship. You shold consult with counsel for a full review of your case.

  2. It appear from these facts to be in your best interest to arrange for your children to be cared for by a relative while you are in rehab. If you execute temporary guardianship papers, it may be possible to avoid further interaction with CYS.

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