Will my 10 year B1 visa be active if L1B is issued during B1 validity?

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My B1 visa was issued from Dec 04 to Dec 14 Multiple entry, I got L1B in May 2011 until April 2014. Am applying for H1B for Apr 14 cycle. Can I go back to my B1 visa between May14 to Dec14 if needed for few weeks?

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  1. Answered . You can travel on any valid visa on your passport as long as it is in line with the purpose of your visit and it is not cancelled by the CO.

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    Answered . Yes, if the US Consul doesn't cancel it ... you can use it in the future.

    BE CAREFUL ... when you enter you need to make sure that CBP uses the correct visa on each trip,

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    Answered . Yes. But double check that your B Visa was not cancelled. It will be very obvious if it was as there will be a BIG stamp saying "CANCELLED WITHOUT PREJUDICE." If it has not been cancelled you can enter the US, but be sure the CBP office at the Port of Entry notes your entry on the B and not The L-1. Also be sure to not work or perform any other activities that are no permissible on B-1.

  4. Answered . If your B-1 was not stamped CANCELLED accross it, then you can do that. Be clear about your activities while on B-1 if asked. The fact that you had an L1B previously will raise the probability that you will be asked specifically about your activities in the U.S. upon entering as B.

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