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Will I violate probation/parole by going on Suboxone?..

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I am currently on parole/probation for receiving a DUI back in 2011. My question is as follows. I have been prescribed pain medication, acupuncture and a variety of other medical treatments due to a car accident which damaged the muscles and bones of my neck/shoulder. I have not drank in two years and only take my prescribed medication. The problem is I have become dependent/addicted to this prescribed medication and wish to stop taking it, but cannot due to my habit. My P.O. is fully aware of the medications I take..So..Will I violate and wind up locked up for switching from prescribed painkillers to suboxone?..I do not have any criminal past, or arrests for any sort of drug use and this medication is prescribed!.. I have my DUI's, but no other criminal history. Thank you...

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  1. As long as the switch is pursuant to a valid prescription and reasonable medical care it should not pose a problem. Once you have such a treatment plan in precription form I'd clear it ahead of time with your PO. If you encounter resistence the I'd seek the assistance of counsel. Your supervision should not interfere with legitimate medical care. Good luck.

  2. Speak with your attorney and then they will decide on how this should be addressed with the PO.

  3. Advise the court. No Judge will violate you for going off opiates especially if your po is aware of your attempt s to quit. Speak with your attorney.

  4. I agree with my colleagues, speak to your attorney, but I think it can only benefit you.

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  5. Did you talk with your attorney about this?

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  6. my thought is that if you have a prescription for the suboxone, it is not a violation. You need to get off this stuff. People that can't get off these prescribed depressants have horrible lives and can hurt innocent people when they fall asleep at the wheel like my clients have done.

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