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Will I recieve a Honorable discharge if I complete my time in service?

Joplin, MO |

Hi, I'm in the army and I've had two company grade Article 15's in the past and two Commanders Bars to Reenlist. I have recently overcome my last bar to reenlist and have not been in any trouble since than. I start etsing in just a few months an am about to put in my packet for transition leave. Will my past Article's affect my seperation characterization although I am being given the option to reenlist or ETS on time? or will I recieve an honorable discharge for ETSing on time and going into the Inactive ready reserve?

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  1. So, the bars have been removed and neither of your Art 15s resulted in an administrative separation (or you don't have an administrative separation pending) and you have no other legal or medical issues ?

    If that is the case--Honorable!

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  2. You should receive an Honorable Discharge, as long as you are not chaptered out. This is a normal ETS, and you should received an Honorable Discharge.

  3. Under the circumstances it seems that you'll have the chance to get the HD. What you should look out for is someone deciding that you should be chaptered and given a general discharge. They have time to do that. So keep a very low profile, don't aggravate anyone.
    With the down-sizing there have been people getting close to ETS who have been chaptered.

  4. Yes, as the others said, unless you get kicked out, you should get an HD.