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Will I lose disability benefits if I get married?

Alamogordo, NM |

I'm on ssi and ssdi, soon to be married. I'm concerned I'll lose my benefits. I need the money and healthcare.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. No.

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  2. SSI benefit eligibility is impacted by income and asset limits. Depending upon the income and assets of your spouse to be, you may lose the benefit. SSDI eligibility does not depend upon household income, so the SSDI should continue. You may want to meet with a benefits planning assistance counselor to be clear about what to expect in your particular situation when you marry. The Social Security Administration can tell you what agency provides this free service in your area.

  3. As another attorney noted, your SSDI benefits will not be affected by your marriage, but your SSI will be affected by your husband's income. As long as you have received SSDI for at least two years, you will be eligible for Medicare coverage for medical care. You may also have been eligible for Medicaid (medical assistance) due to being on SSI. If your SSI is completely eliminated, then the Medicaid coverage is also eliminated.