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Will I have to submit to alcohol testing

Weatherford, TX |

I was convicted of DWI 1st offense and the court order says to abstain from alcohol use, but only says I am to submit to illicit drug testing. Does this mean they can not test me for alcohol when I report to my probation officer. I guess more or less I'm asking is should i expect ETG testing. I will add my supervision was transferred from the county the offense took place in to another county in the state. Will the probation office providing the courtesy supervision put much effort into monitoring someone they are not receiving the probation fees for?

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Your questions suggest that you think this is a "extreme sport" with the challenge of how much you can violate the court's order without getting caught. Is that right? Bottom line, you will be caught and there will be consequences. Exactly how or when no one can say and basically your questions are immature and dumb-not deserving detailed guessing my us or anyone. My suggestion is that you do an "extreme" attitude adjustment before life becomes much more difficult for you. Probation is jail and you don't push the limits in jail-or the walls come much closer than they are now.

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My understanding is that probation officers in TX have a lot of power. As a result, it is imperative than you develop a great relationship with yours. My suggestion is that you avoid alcohol and not find out the consequences. Best of luck.

Jasen Nielsen

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Best advice, always assume they will find out. Thus because you have a no use provision you should follow that and not worry about what they are testing for. Best of luck.

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