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Will I have any trouble getting a passport and/or traveling to Taiwan if I am currently on unsupervised probation for a DUI?

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I got a DUI and deferred sentence almost one year ago in Colorado . I was put on unsupervised probation right away and was told that I could leave CO anytime without permission since I have no one to report to . The terms of my sentence say that I have to be law abiding , can't get more than 5 pt on my driving record , etc . I have completed all the other conditions ( community service , alcohol classes , etc . ) and paid all my fines . I cannot find anything that restricts me from traveling outside of the country . Is there a chance I'll run into any problems while renewing my passport and / or while I'm traveling ? This is my first and only offense .

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It's very unlikely that you'll have any issues with renewing your passport, and equally unlikely that you'll have any issues getting out of the US. The only country that I'm aware of that restricts entry based on a DUI conviction is Canada, although I've never looked into Taiwan specifically. I'm curious as to whether or not there are any Taiwanese DUI attorneys around the LA area who might know definitively. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen

Jasen Nielsen


I can assure you that Taiwan will not have any issue with you on entry. Just make sure that your passport is up to date with at least 3-months before expiration as of your date of leaving the country otherwise you will have a very expensive Visa to pay for.


No there should be no issue.
Robert Driessen

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