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Will I go to jail for submitting a false banking dispute?

Cleveland, OH |

I am 18 years old. I wrongfully submitted an invalid debit card dispute.

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No one can answer this question. Several things would have to happen, including the credit card company investigating the dispute, documenting the false nature of the dispute, documenting that you received the money under false pretenses, and so forth. Then they would have to decide to submit the matter to the appropriate authorities, who, in turn, would have to decide if they were interested in prosecuting you for a crime. So there are many factors and decisions to be made, but ultimately, it seems that you intentionally took the property of another with a purpose to deprive them of their property. So, why don't you do your self a favor and undo this while you can. That way you can sleep at night without having to disclose your actions to a community like this one!

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