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Will I go to jail for dui? since I haven't been convicted of the 1st yet will this count as a second dui/

Bedford, PA |

I have been recently pulled over for a dui. this would be my second dui. for my first dui I have only gone to the preliminary hearing and out on bail for it. I just got this second bac for the second say .10-.16. if I will go to jail how long should I expect? will this be counted as the second?

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  1. Every case is fact specific. You need to retain a criminal defense attorney ASA

  2. For mandatory minimum sentence purposes both will be considered first offenses. Of course you've blown any chance at ARD for the first offense. If you get convicted of both you will lose your license for at least 2 years and will likely have to do another year on ignition interlock. It is time to consider leaving alcohol behind as it has clearly taken control over your life and seriously hampered your ability to function and earn a living.

  3. I would make sure to contact a qualified attorney ASAP. Both of these cases should be considered two first offense DUI's from what you described. You certainly could be looking at jail time, a license suspension, as well as fines and possible community service. There are some programs depending on the County where you may be able to avoid jail time and this is something I would strongly recommend that you talk with an attorney about.

  4. You need to immediately retain a criminal defense attorney who has expertise with DUI cases. There is a lot of strategy involved here to treat both cases as first offenses. Good luck.

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