Will I go to jail for driving on suspended license?

Asked over 3 years ago - Lombard, IL

Back in October I was pulled over and ticketed for no proof of insurance. I had just mailed in a money order for my insurance payment but it was never received, so it turned out that I really didn't have insurance. When I found out they never received my payment I went and paid it at a payment center to make sure they got it tha time!
Shortly after that I became homeless and as I was trying to survive and also not getting my mail, I forgot all about the court case! So I missed court.
I got pulled over today because it turns out my plates were suspended. My license is due to be suspendeed in a few days also. All because of my lack of insurance back in October.
I have still been driving because I have to. I have to work and go to school.
My sister says I can go to the courthouse and have the case reopened. Will that help?
If I get pulled over, will I go to jail?

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  1. Alan James Brinkmeier

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    Answered . You could be arrested, have to pay bail, then face a judge. Add on fines, court fees, attorney costs, probation, state driving fees, and, quite possible, an even further suspension of your license. This could cost you thousands!

    Not a wise move. Do not drive without a license. You cannot reopen the case because your presumption of innocence vanished when you did not appear in October.

    You can square things up with the Secretary of State and then seek a hardship license. But......none of this works if you continue to break the law and drive with no license.

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    No one can know what the record is in the case because online we cannot find out any details. Check with a lawyer in your locale to discuss more of the details.

    Good luck to you.

    God bless. Best of luck to you.

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