Will i go to jail

claiming a firearm that wasnt yours in a motor vehical

Warren, OH -

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Dennis Armand DiMartino

Dennis Armand DiMartino

Criminal Defense Attorney - Youngstown, OH

It's tough to answer your question without knowing a little more about the case, but here goes. If you claimed ownership of a firearm in a motor vehicle, even though it really wasn't yours, then can be easily convicted of a crime for the act of possessing the firearm in a motor vehicle. Depending on whether the gun was loaded or not will determine whether you are charged with the Felony 4 Carrying Concealed Weapons or perhaps the Misdemeanor of Improperly Handing Firearms in a Motor Vehicle. Also your conduct with the officers that night -- i.e. were you polite and cooperative or a jerk? -- will determine whether you are charged with a Felony or Misdemeanor.

Now as far as doing time for this crime, that probably depends on whether you have a previous record or not. If you have prior convictions, then I can see most Trumbull County Judges giving you a short sentence for this crime. If you have a Felony or drug conviction behind you, then you will also be charged with Having Weapons While Under Disability in State Court or Possession by a Prohibited Person in Federal Court.

Either way, you definitely need to hire a lawyer to represent you. Reading between the lines here, if you took the hit for your friend who really owned the gun, then he should man up and pay for the lawyer for you. Either way, you need someone on your side and fighting for your rights.

Good luck in this case and beyond!

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Christopher Lee Beck

Christopher Lee Beck

Criminal Defense Attorney - Beavercreek, OH

Your question is not clear about what you are charged with. All the things that I can think you would be charged with carry a potential for jail time. You need a good criminal defense attorney to answer your question. To be able to answer it throughly we would need more information. I would suggest that you not post that information online though because it could be against you. You need to hire an attorney. Judges take gun charges very seriously. Good luck.

Attorney Chris Beck
Beck Law Office, L.L.C.
Beavercreek, Ohio

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