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Will I go to jail? First time offender charged with 3 counts agg assault and one disorderly conduct. I have no criminal histor

Phoenix, AZ |

Was a drunken agruement which started when the other guy was grabing my wife and she elbowed him I walked over and a fight started. My wife and I were not allowed to give statments at the scene and were the only ones arrested. I have a job, two kids and am the provider for my family.

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  1. Given three counts of aggravated assault, jail time is a distinct possibility IF convicted. This is why you need a good attorney on your side. The fact that you did not give a statement at the time of the arrrst is a good thing.

  2. You need a lawyer that is local and experienced in litigation to exonerate you. | For confidential answers on Florida law, call 1.877.452.9457. Attorney James Regan, LL.M, Esq., is a Florida lawyer answering questions pro bono. Answering these consumer questions based on limited and unverified facts does not create an attorney-client relationship. Being posted on the internet, these questions and answers are not confidential. For confidential answers on Florida law, call 1.800.452.9357.

  3. It's hard to give you an answer without sitting down and talking to you or reading the police reports. You are facing prison time with those charges. However, you may be able to get probation as well. It also sounds like you may have a very good defense so the charges could go away entirely. Without knowing all of the facts, it is nearly impossible to say what the likely outcome will be.

    Your best option is hiring your own attorney or using a public defender. You'll get the best legal advice when a lawyer can sit down with you and review all of the facts. As you are charged with a felony, you should be appointed an attorney if you cannot afford to hire one yourself.

  4. The bottom line is that you need to retain local, experienced counsel to assist you in defending the charges. Sounds like you're looking at felonies; very serious. Be sure to seek aggressive counsel.

  5. Was a weapon involved? Did the "other guy" suffer broken bone(s) as a result of the incident?

    As my colleague, Mr. Chase, indicated, these are VERY serious offenses, which could result in a prison sentence for you if you are convicted.

    The prosecutor will care very little about your status as the sole breadwinner of your family; he/she will be looking for a conviction. If you are convicted and sentenced to prison, the prosecutor will not shed a single tear.

    I would strongly suggest that you hire an experienced, Arizona-licensed attorney to help you. The stakes are high.

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