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Will i get tested for alcohol?

Buford, GA |

sounds weird, but I was arrested for Minor in Possession and public intoxication over in cobb county. Will I be taking a drug test or alcohol test for court?

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  1. Maybe....sometimes the judge may offer you a chance for a better outcome in court if you can pass a drug test on the spot.

  2. You have received a good answer already. It would also be wise for your to consider consulting and or retaining an attorney. Depending on the facts, you may be found innocent or have the charges dismissed.

    Good luck!

    Wes Hill
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    This response does not create an attorney client relationship nor should the advice be relied upon because it is not specific to your legal situation. Before you depend on legal advice, you should retain competent counsel.

  3. Mr. Wiltshire is right about drug testing. As for alcohol testing, as it only stays in your system for a day or less, it is unlikely the Judge would test for alcohol unless he or she suspected you were intoxicated when you were in Court. I have seen this happen one time and it was not pretty, so don't make that mistake.

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  4. I would count on probably being tested. Make sure you stay clean between now and your court appearance.

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