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Will I get my refund from Western Union after my receiver couldn't get the money?

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I had sent money for pickup by the receiver, but the agent told her that the MTCN was not going through. I called Western Union to find out why her MTCN wasn't working, because I processed my funds to be delivered to her correctly. I was told by the Western Union agent on the phone that the money had been pick up. She was still waiting at the Western Union branch trying to receive the money. They assured me they had put my case into investigation, but it will take about 20days. The money was to be sent urgently and I cannot lose the money I have sent her. I don't know what to expect in 20days, and I really need my money.
Customer Service cannot do much to help me either.

Any suggestions please, on how to refund my money with Western Union?

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If they do not pay you, then you can go to court but that will take longer than 20 days. You may speak to a supervisor at Western Union to discuss the situation.

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Ask the Western Union agent to provide you with written proof that the money was picked up, the name and photo identity of the person who picked it up. They must tell you the name of the person who allegedly picked up the funds. Was that person known to the receiver? Also ask the receiver for a written statement that she did not pick up the money. Let Western Union know that you can't wait 20 days and that a crime may have been committed (theft of your funds). Perhaps you should file a complaint with the police.

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When the receiver went to the Western Union location to pick up the money, she gave all the required information to the Western Union agent, but after a wait, the agent told her that the MTCN number was not going through, but he couldn't even see anything on screen. My mum, the receiver, became worried and called me immediately to tell me what the agent had told her. So I asked her to give the phone to the agent. I asked the agent what is wrong with the number I gave my receiver? But the number was supposed to go through successfully. He gave me the same answer on the phone telling me the number did not go through. So I asked him if he could give me a printed out proof showing the transaction didn't go through, all he said was, "nothing was showing up on screen," so he couldn't provide it. I immediately called Western Union agents in the U.S here to inquire about the MTCN number. The U.S agent on the phone told me the money has been paid out right at the time my mum was still waiting to pick up the money. The agent in the U.S says the transaction went through successfully, but the agent in the receiving location also claims he couldn't retrieve the information on screen to withdraw the money for my receiver. I don't know which agent to believe, but I know mu mum hasn't got the money. My mum was not given a receipt to confirm that she had the money, neither was she given any money. She really needed the money for her health and also to pay rent that is already due. I have been calling Western Union to explain to them how urgent my situation is, but I needed my money back. Additionally, waiting 20 days for an urgent situation is very harsh to customers. They will not even give me an answer every time I call, because they claim their investigation team is still investigating. It has already been over a week and they have nothing to tell me.