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Will I get arrested at the airport when I return to the states?

Los Angeles, CA |

First of all, I'm assuming that I have a bench warrant against me now since I didn't show up at the court for court order (civil case /2007). My lawyer confirmed me that "the case was sealed and I lost the case." That was the end of the conversation and no other detail was given. Plantiff sued me for many things and one of them was fraud. (I got used by wealthy person and sued at the end)
With that lined, I was out of the States since 2007, and lawsuit debt and credit card debt exist now.

Will I get arrested at the airport when I arrive back in the States or depart States??

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    You don't likely have an arrest warrant for civil case, even if you were sued for fraud. However, if the fraud led to a criminal case, and that case was filed, you could have a warrant for your arrest. (that's a lot of "ifs") If you do have a warrant, you would get arrested trying to leave or enter the United States. It is worthwhile for you to run your own criminal history thought the California Attorney General's office, or contact an attorney could get a warrant check run on you.

  2. There shouldn't be a warrant as a result of a civil case. Good luck.

    Jasen Nielsen

  3. There are no warrants (typically) that produce any warrant you ate Verne's about. If you ate really concerned have an attorney and bail bondsman on alert.

    Andrew Roberts (818) 597-0633/ (805) 496-7777

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