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Will i get any jail time for my VOP

Tallahassee, FL |

In 2007 i was pulled over and got a ticket for driving while my liscence was suspended. I didnt get arreseted for it but I had to appear in court. In court the judge ruled that i get 6 months of non-reporting probation, 15 hours community service and a DWLSR class. The problem is that i didnt finish all my requirements in the 6 months, and i got a violation of probation. So in February 2009 i went to the courthouse to get my community service papers so i can have my community service signed off and i got arreseted on my violation of probation, But i didnt violate because of commiting another crime, so i guess i kind of turned myself in. And i got a $1000 bond and bonded myself out the same day. But I got my liscence back almost 2 years ago, i finished the driving class, and im about to finish my community service hours. I have to appear in traffic court in March for my violation of probation, and my question is what do you think my penalty will be for the violation? I have no felonies on my record, just 2 misdemeanors. And i Have not got in any type of trouble since that court date in 2007.

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I am not an attorney in Florida but you should contact a Florida attorney before you go to court this time because a violation of probation could mean jail time.

A lot of people get 'arrest' and 'custody' mixed up. When you got pulled over in 2007 and "had to appear in court," that was essentially an arrest - but it was a non-custodial one. The officer didn't take you in but not all crimes and arrests involve someone being taken into custody, unless of course they fail to appear or fail to complete probation.

If you want to stay out of court and out of jail, get a checklist of the things you need to do, complete them, show the court proof, and get off probation. Courts are not forgiving when you don't complete probationary terms, so it is in your best interest to obey all court orders.

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