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Will I ever be able to get my drivers license unsuspended without paying on a judgement from an injury lawsuit?

Palestine, TX |

I had an accident with another car while I was intoxicated, and I had no insurance at the time. The other driver's insurance company sued me for $40,000 worth of medical bills of the 5 occupants. I did not go to court and defend myself, so automatically lost. The insurance company said that I had to start making monthly payments before I could get my license back. It's been 6 yrs. and I never made a payment plan, and been without my license. Is there any amount of time before I could get them back even if I'm not paying? Also, I don't even remember which ins. comp. it was, so if I wanted to contact them, how can I find out what company it was that sued me? I've looked on all 3 credit reports, but no judgement listed.

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If your driver's license has been suspended because of a judgment against, you can get the suspension lifted by 1) negotiating a lump sum payment of the judgment; or, 2) make arrangements to pay by monthly installment payments. Once a signed and notarized agreement is reached with the insurance company or its attorney you will nee o pay a reinstatement fee of $100.00 payable to the "Texas Department of Public Safety"; and provide Proof of financial responsibility (e.g., an SR-22 form which get from your insurance agent). You do not need to send proof of financial responsibility to DPS if more than 2 years has passed since the judgment was signed by the judge. However, you will need to complete and send DPS-Form SR-87, which we will mail to you. If you file the Agreement and $100.00 reinstatement fee within 60 days of the date the judgment was signed, you do not need to file proof of financial responsibility.

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Attorney Gardana explained it well. If and when you get your license back, make sure you get 100/300 insurance coverage, so you have decent coverage.

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Many states have a minimum amount of liability insurance you must maintain. In several of those states, once you pay the part of the judgement which equates to the minimum limit you may petition to reinstate your license. This does not mean your judgement is satisfied though.

Please consult an attorney on your state for options.


Civil judgments in Texas remain in force for 10 years from the date of recording, but can be re-recorded every ten years, indefinitely. After 10 years, check with the county clerk's office, real property division, in the county where the judgment was entered and find out if it was re-recorded. If it was not, then it is no longer valid.


You might want to consider petitioning for an "occupational" license. I have seen people get occupational licenses when their primary license is suspended. However, and occupational license is limited to use of a vehicle related to you employment or necessary household errands. I cannot tell you whether an occupational license is an option in your particular situation. But it is something worth checking into.

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