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Will I be tested for alcohol when I report to court for my sentencing?

Elmhurst, IL |

I am from Illinois and I am 19 so underage, my bond is a PR bond and states no use of drugs or alcohol. I was arrested at The Electric Forest music festival for possession of drugs. Alcohol had no part in my arrest or charge. I have abstained from any type of drug, but I am unsure about alcohol. My main concern is an EGT test, which tests for alcohol up to 80hrs.

Also, my charges are in the state of Michigan.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You are 19 and shouldn't be drinking, especially because of the bond. I don't think you'll be tested for alcohol, but if you get caught purchasing, drinking, having drank or being drunk, you'll violate your bond. You don't want to do that.

  2. You should consult with a Michigan attorney for best answers, but if you are in doubt, refrain from alcohol for 81 or more hours before going to court.

  3. Not likely. What kind of drugs?

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