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Will I be safe to fly without being arrested on my way out or on my way back in to the United States?

Fort Wayne, IN |

I am from Indiana and was driving to Oregon. I caught a misdemeanor citation in Boise Idaho for Battery. My total bond was $300. I used a bail bondsman to get out. I already have a non-refundable ticket to Asia. None of the paperwork given me by either the bail bondsman nor the county jail, upon my release, stipulate that i must remain in any jurisdiction or that i may not travel. As I have absolutely no ties to Idaho, I left the state, again nothing said I couldn't in my paperwork. I am leaving to Asia before my court date. And will take care of this matter when I get back. I am wondering if Customs will arrest me or not, because a county is not likely to pay to extradite someone from another state on such a minor charge, yet I am sure they will see it when they run a NCIC check.

I have other misdemeanor warrants in New York and Wisconsin. These are county charges not state or federal. I have had plenty of contact with law enforcement and never been extradited, whether they seen those warrants or not. I assume ICE will see my warrants and cases but let me go because no one will extradite. Am I right in my assumption? I've never flown internationally before.

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    It depends on how the warrants are entered into the nationwide system for tracking fugitives from justice. Criminal charges, once filed, never go away until they are dealt with, and even if the county issuing a warrant doesn't decide to extradite you, each county could still ask that you be held for up to 30 days, each, on those warrants. Additionally, they WILL show up on background checks which will make your prospects for obtaining employment or housing very difficult. Hire attorneys in each of those jurisdictions and deal with this situation.

  2. I believe you are mistaken as to your belief that you could leave the state of Idaho without permission of the Court and notice to your bondsman. You have a history of posting bond or promising to appear and not returning to court. While you are probably correct that Idaho, New York and Wisconsin may not spend the funds to come get you if your port of entry is far from those states, you still risk being detained and jailed while to local authorities in your port of entry find out and since you have several jurisdictions involved it may be a few days or a few weeks. Since these are such minor matters as you say you may wish to get local attorneys in each place to work on these matters and start resolving them. Good luck.

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