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Will I be prevented from getting a job as a minor if I have been caught shoplifting? And what about when I am over 18?

San Antonio, TX |

I am 16, I stole over $50 at a Macy's so I was handed over to the police

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  1. It depends on the outcome of the theft case. If there is a conviction, it will may affect your job opportunities. If there is not a conviction yet, you may be able to keep it off your record. Without knowing more about the situation, it is hard to say exactly how it will affect you. If the case is still open, you should contact a local attorney to help you with this case so it doesn't affect you in the future.

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  2. Juvenile records can be sealed but it takes additional steps. Do not assume that taking a deferred and successfully completing it will mean it won't show up after you turn 18.

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  3. Where you get a dismissal or successfully complete a deferred contract, you might still have an arrest record which could affect your employment opportunities. After the court case is complete, you should speak with an attorney about possibly sealing your juvenile record.

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