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Will I be ok even though i signed a non compete agreement?

Valrico, FL |

I live in florida and work for a spray company and am currently trying to seek employment with a different company for better wages and room for growth. florida is a right to work state and i would only be working there for better benefits wages etc. not to share secrets or any of that nonsense. i have currently only worked at this company for a little over 6 months

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Generally, noncompete agreements are enforceable in Florida, subject to limits in terms of time, scope, and geographic area. Of course, without reviewing the contract, it's impossible to know whether your contract is enforceable.

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You would need to consult in person with an employment attorney to get a careful evaluation regarding whether your non-compete is enforcable. There is a fair chance that your non-compete may not enforcable because it is too broad, so a consult with an employment attorney would not be a waste of time. Good luck.


If the noncompete is enforceable and you do go work for another company your former employer could go to court to get an injunction preventing you from working at your new job. That is why it is essential that you have your agreement reviewed by an attorney before you decide to take a different job. There may be ways to negotiate a release from its terms.

The fact that Florida is a right to work state has nothing to do with noncompete agreements.

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You will need to take/send your agreement to a qualified attorney in order to review the employment contract itself in order to determine (1) whether the contract itself is enforceable and/or (2) whether the provision concerning the non-compete agreement is enforceable.

This preliminary review will not likely cost a great deal and could likely be done through email correspondence.

Should you desire to discuss a rate to review the agreement and the terms of the non-compete you may reach me at 305-322-9971.

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