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Will I be drug tested at pre trial or at all? Will I be notified in advance?

Kent, OH |

I was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. This is my first offense and I was very cooperative with the officers. What I mean by notice, is will they say I have 90 days to schedule one.

Or at the arraignment will I be tested? I don't want to be tested and fail and be in more trouble at any court dates that I will have. Also; any idea what will happen with my charges, maybe get them dropped or reduced? Thank you!!

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    First hire a lawyer. Possession of less than 100g of marijuana and Paraphernalia (as long as marijuana paraphernalia) are both minor misdemeanors and do not carry jail but do carry a license suspension, fines, loss of job opportunities, and loss of ability to obtain student loans and grants. Unless you are convicted you will most likely not be drug tested but you should still play it safe and stop using drugs. If you are out on bond they may drug test you though and failing a drug test could result in you being put in jail. Hire an attorney.
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  2. In the first place.... STOP USING DRUGS NOW, and STOP USING DRUGS at a bare minimum until you are off of probation. If you continue to use them during the proceedings you have a problem. Will you be tested at arraignment...Not likely. As a matter of fact if you hire an attorney you should not have to appear at the arraignment at all, assuming you are in muni court. I have had people however who at the time of sentencing were asked "if i send you down for a drug test right now, what would it show" -- Don't ever lie if asked that question. Stop the drug use asap and you should have no issues. You may qualify for a diversion program, where you plead guilty to the charge, but if you successfully make it through the program (including random tests) the case is dismissed. Hire an attorney, and stop the drug use asap.

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  3. First thing: it's never a good idea to post case information on a public website like Avvo. You should talk with an attorney in a confidential setting. As far as what will happen with your charges, it's impossible to know until you talk with an attorney, which should be your biggest priority. I help people charged with drug offenses, and my office is not far from Kent. I would be happy to schedule a consultation with you to address some of your questions in a more appropriate manner. You can call my office at (216) 369-9106 if you would like to talk.

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