Will I be considered resident for in state tuition?

I applied to cal poly Pomona and thankfully got accepted. I am just wondering what kind of tuition will I be paying if I have live in Cali since 2007, am paying taxes, have a bank account, valid ssn, and have a job, and high school diploma from California . However, I am an out of status tourist visa holder, meaning that I overstayed my visa, but obviously entered the country legally. Also, I am attending community college. Is there any way I can avoid being considered out of state for tuition purposes? After all I am contributing to the fed and state taxes of this country.

Los Angeles, CA -

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Nicholas Basil Spirtos

Nicholas Basil Spirtos

Government Attorney - Montclair, CA

You need to be very careful, not only in what you are doing, but in what kind of information you post to a public forum such as this one.
You need to contact an immigration attorney immediately. The sooner the better because Cal Poly Pomona is part of the government and may have duties and obligations to report information to other government agencies.

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