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Will Florida extradite me for a Misdemeanor VOP?

Saint Petersburg, FL |

I have a warrant in FL for a misdemeanor VOP and I am wondering if it would show up on NY database if i go get fingerprinted for a residence purpose. I just dont want to sit in jail since i have a family in NY that depends on me.

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Things seem to always get more difficult, more strict, than the opposite. There may have been a time when a misdemeanor vop would not follow you to new york, but in these days of terrorist plots I would almost guarantee it will show up. You will sit in jail despite your family. Why don't you take care of it instead of running from it? Call me to see about that. 813-247-1900.


It will show up and so long as there is an active warrant you can be arrested anywhere at any time. If you were to be detained in New York, they can hold you for up to 90 days in some circumstances while they wait for a decision from Florida as to whether or not they are interested in coming to get you. Your best bet is to try and have the matter resolved before you run into law enforcement.


I agree that it will appear so long as the warrant is active. I recommend hiring at attorney in or near the county where your warrant is pending to see if they might be able to assist you in addressing the warrant and the case.

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Don't take a chance. Sometimes an attorney can resolve a misdemeanor case without you having to appear in court. I handle cases in Pinellas County. Fee free to give me a call for a free consultation.


Why dont you give me a call to see if we can do a Plea In Absentia so that the matter can be resolved without you having to come back down to Florida?

Bruce Denson
St. Petersburg, FL


If you have an outstanding warrant, there may also be an Immigration Hold that is out there for you. As the other attorney pointed out, things are getting a lot harder now. The Homeland Security issues have created a lot of integrated databases and it is a lot harder than it ever was for anyone to stay under the radar. If you do not resolve the problem in NY, sooner or later you are going to have bigger problems. Hiring an attorney now will save you money in the long run. Contact an attorney who is licensed in New York.

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